Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Fun!!

I know I said it yesterday, but I'll say it again ... I am loving this looooong weekend!!!!
The turkey's in the oven and I'm waiting for my family to arrive - yummy!!!!!!!!!

So, just stopping in to let you know that I have added a new Mystery Picture to my Bundle.

and made a few upgrades to some of the most popular pictures.

They're all available individually in my store (just click on them to take you there) and I've updated my Bundle which you can redownload for free at TPT. Just go into "my purchases".

I hope that you are enjoying a long weekend too!  (If not, I'm soooo sorry).

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Freebie!

I am lovin' this long weekend!! The fall leaves are gorgeous, just look at the scenery on my walk last evening ... peaceful :)

On another note, while doing my October planning I was wishing that I had included a roll 3 dice and add activity (with tallies) in my Print, Roll and Play Halloween Dice Activities pack so I made one and thought I would offer it here as a freebie.  Click on one of the pictures below to download. 
Note ~ this is NOT included in my pack so if you own it you'll want this one too.

Here's a  peek of the coordinating learning pack :)  You can read more about it HERE.

...and yes, I'm working on a Christmas edition :)
Happy Sunday!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

You asked ...

I've had many requests to put my Mirror Words activities into a bundle.  I've been waiting until I had enough to call them a 'bundle' and since I now have 7 I think it's a start. Of course, I plan to add any future packs to this bundle and if you purchase it HERE at my store you'll always be able to download the additions for FREE!!

Currently the following products are included:
color words
school tools
St. Patrick's Day

I've got more ideas on my to-do list .. just need the time to create them :)

Haven't seen my mirror words activities yet?  At my TPT store click on the Custom Category MIRROR WORDS to find out more. OR read through some past posts. :)

Let's have a giveaway!  Enter below to win all 7 packs included in the bundle :)  Good luck!!
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Color Words

Happy Wednesday!!!  I hope your week is going well :)

Look what I've been up to ...
My students love using the mirrors and have no idea how much they're learning ... letter formation, fine motor practice, vocabulary, spelling .... they just think they're having fun!  Just the way I like it!

To do this activity students use mirrors to read backward color words and then you can differentiate the activity by choosing which activity they do.

Students read the words and print them.
Students read the words, print them and color crayons to match.
Students read the words, print them and find them in a word search

You can find this HERE at my TPT store.  It's perfect for anytime of year and I promise your students will love it!

As always, the first 3 people who comment will get a copy :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Halloween Dice Activities

I can't believe how quickly this weekend has gone!  I had a very relaxing one though and I hope you did too.  I even had a chance to edit and post my Halloween Dice Activities.

You'll find 12 print, add dice and go activities.  Each one includes a student instruction card to build student independence.  Students will be practicing ten frames, tallies, numbers to 20, number words, base ten... the list goes on!

Here's a little peek at one of the activities.

I often bring the file up on the Smartboard to teach the activity

and then I set the students off to do with partners or sometimes in a math work station.

You can download the preview HERE to see what's included :)

As always, I'll send a copy to the first 3 people who comment on this post.

Have a great week!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sunday Savings

I love a deal, and I love reading through store flyers to see where I can find them so I thought this linky would be a fun one to join this weekend.
It's a Sunday Savings Circular!
In my store this Sunday you'll find my three Flip Book units on sale for 20% off.
short vowels, long vowels and teen numbers
Click on the pictures to be taken to my TPT store.

If you enjoy shopping through the Sunday Circulars as much as I do, click on the pic below to be taken to All Things Apple in 2nd who is hosting this great linky :)
All Things Apple in 2nd

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Mirror Words

Happy October!  Congrats on surviving September, the month I find the busiest of the year!!

In time for your October planning I have posted my Halloween Mirror Words.

It all started back on St. Patrick's Day when the leprechaun printed the words backwards.  Now the witch has done the same.  I picked up some mirrors at the dollar store and the kids love it!!

Students will enjoy using a mirror to read the 12 backward words. I have included 2 recording options to help with differentiation. One has the students printing the words, the other has them printing the words then finding them in a word search. 

Each option comes with an I can student instruction card to build independence.
All pages are also included in black & white in case a color printer is not an option.

Here's a peek:

You can find this HERE at my TPT store.

As always, I'll send a copy to the first 3 people who comment on this post :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

One of my readers suggested a great idea that made me think "Why didn't I think of that?". She asked if I would create an I Spy with nouns, verbs and adjectives.  At first I wondered how to go about it, then thought ... why not get them to find the words then decide which type of word it is?

Here's what I came up with and I'm so excited:

I included anchor charts to help with a mini-lesson and to leave at the station, 'I can' cards to go with the recording sheets, four hidden pictures and everything in color and black & white.

The best thing ... it's NO PREP! Just print, add magnifying glasses and go!

You can find it HERE at my TPT store and in my bundle HERE. If you own the bundle then just redownload to pick up the new addition :)

I'll send a copy to the first 3 people who comment on this post and it's on sale in my store for the rest of the day :)

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Play Dough Fun!

Happy Sunday and Happy Fall!  The leaves are turning color here and even though I dread winter arriving I must say that fall is my favorite time of year.  We went apple picking yesterday and now I can smell the apple crisp in the oven - yummy!!!!

Last night I posted a new product in my TPT store. It's a hands-on play dough activity that will have your students 'building' numbers, number words and ten frames for the numbers 0-20.

I've included an I can student instruction card to remind students what they should be doing with the play dough.
You'll find a recipe for some yummy swelling play dough and every page is included in color and black & white.  You can find it HERE at my TPT store.

And that's not all! Here's a FREE alphabet pattern activity that students can use to 'build' their names,
You can download it HERE for free.

I'd love to send a copy of my number mats to a couple winners!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Howdy! Are you ready for some Wild West math fun?

Howdy Partner!!  (sorry, not sorry!)  just had to say that to introduce my new Wild West Edition Dice Activities.  I've been loving my other 2 sets and just had to make a set with this adorable cowboys and cowgirls.

This learning pack includes 12 just add dice and go math activities.  You'll find ten frames, base ten, tallies, number words, number bonds and more!

I've just posted them in my store and if you enjoyed my other editions you'll like this one too!


You can find my new Print, Roll and Play Wild West Edition HERE at my TPT store.  Head on over to check out the preview for a closer look.

As always, I'll send a copy to the first 2 people who comment on this post.  I'm also giving away a copy on my Facebook page.

Have a great week!!